The Alliance Of Science Vol 1

cd artwork
Scientific Wax are proud to reveal our first foray into the compilation album format — The Alliance Of Science Volume 1! This double CD release features tracks from the five core artists on the Scientific Wax roster — Equinox, Dub-One, Nolige, Nebula, and Reactiv — with each artist flexing their skills over four tracks. The album also features a number of exclusive bonus tracks which we’re currently keeping under wraps — you’ll just have to buy it to find out!

Equinox – Vengeance

Equinox – Culture Warrior

Equinox – Barcelona

Equinox – Space Dub

Nolige – Cold One

Nolige – Bad City

Nolige – Call To Prayer

Nolige – Witchcraft

Dub-One – 96 Baracade

Dub-One – Watcha Man

Dub-One – Better Times

Dub-One – Lion Powa

Nebula – Circular

Nebula – You & I

Nebula – Rare Delight

Nebula – Sound In Motion

Reactiv – Phenotype

Reactiv – 50 Degrees

Reactiv – Moonstruck

Reactiv – Suboceanic

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