New Nebula beats

Ok, so they’re not on Scientific Wax, but check the latest pair of singles on Code’s Subtle Audio for Nebula’s debut on wax—a 12″ featuring Chords Of Sorrow / Frames Of Reference—and also a remix of Sub’s Skadi. Here’s what Boomkat had to say:

Focussed drumfunk complexities from Nebula for Limerick’s Subtle Audio imprint. Nebula comes correct on ‘Chords Of Sorrow’ with fiercely structured breakbeats and floor firing bass drops taking the late 90’s sound of Photek or Source Direct and kitting the groove out for 2009 with plangent atmospherics and the eerie resonance of Gregorian chants for the proper darkside experience. ‘Frames Of Reference’ on the flip is less dancefloor and more headspace, running crisply processed drums into arcing shapes and forms in the finest tradition of Fanu or Paradox, but laying the emphasis on cinematic chord sequences with emotional peaks and troughs. Bring on the drums!

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