About Scientific Wax

Reflecting the wide-ranging tastes of the roster, Scientific Wax aims to deliver quality music from across the spectrum. In Equinox’s own words, “we just want to deliver good music that needs to be heard by others”.

Initially founded in 1994 by Equinox and Paul Watson, Scientific Wax was in hibernation for over a decade, waiting for the right time to re-emerge. With Paul having gone off to pastures new, Equinox joined forces with Breakage to head up the label in 2005.

Moving to the present day, Scientific Wax is now fronted by Equinox alone, pushing beats from the label family of B-Key, Dub-One, Nebula,  Reactiv, Champa B, Dwarde, Tim Reaper, Kid Lib, Rumbleton and Equinox himself.